Security Policy

At Snowden Flood we take your security very seriously.  When you enter our site to place an order, all communications are performed with the use of our secure server software which encrypts all the information you send to us (using SSL) before it even leaves your computer. 

All personal information including credit or debit card number, name and address are encrypted before communication.  The encryption process takes the information you enter and converts it into code that is then securely transmitted over the internet in a way that cannot be intercepted by anyone other than ourselves.  Even if it were possible for anyone to intercept this information, they would not be able to understand it because of the encryption process we use.

To verify the security of this website, please click on the 'Verified & Secured' seal at he right hand side of the site footer. 

In addition to this level of security, your credit card number is never stored on our database - it is securely transmitted to our payment gateway provider (Paypal) and then discarded.

The information you provide will be used solely within Snowden Flood for the purposes of fulfilling your order.  Under no circumstances will we sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.


“The cushion is wonderful, thank you very much!” - Ryann, USA