Snowden Flood with Bird above & Noticeboard
How do we make our ceramics

Snowden Flood

Snowden Flood is an interior accessories designer based in a studio/shop on the River Thames in London's Oxo Tower Wharf, and you can visit her and buy directly from the studio if you are in the area.   She studied Fine Art and then did a masters in sculpture in NY.   She is inspired by many different things but is particularly keen on souvenirs and keepsakes.  Her work is stocked by many of the worlds best stores including Liberty and Fortnum & Masons in London, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and Mitsukoshi in Tokyo.  She frequently undertakes commissions - clients include Tate Modern, British Museum, Chatsworth House, London Transport Museum.  Wherever possible she manufactures her collections in the UK.

A little bit about how we make our ceramics and glass...

All our ceramics and glass are made in Stoke-on-Trent, otherwise known as "The Potteries" and traditional home to the ceramics industry here.  We screenprint and fire in-house.  People often ask how we get the designs on the mugs.... here's how:

  1. We screenprint the design onto waterslide transfer paper.  It's like a fake tatoo!
  2. Cut around the design and dip it in water, the transfer will come away from the backing paper
  3. Carefully place it on the mug (or plate, or glass), gently smoothing it down.  It helps if it's warm
  4. Smooth all the wrinkles out and make sure it's 'square' to the mug
  5. Get every bit of wrinkle, bubble or air out
  6. Smooth down the backstamp
  7. The mug is ready
  8. Into the kiln to be fired, this will change the colour and make it glossy and dishwasher/microwave proof

Looks really easy doesn't it?!  Don't believe it for a minute, it's tricky!  The ladies who do this are fast and accurate specialists!


“I am really happy with my plates. Thank you for your friendly fast service!” - Germar, from Germany