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  • 'Harmony With Bees' Room and Linen Spray - by Love & Pepper - Snowden Flood - www.snowdenflood.com

Snowden Flood

'Harmony With Bees' Room and Linen Spray - by Love & Pepper


This one has many fans - they claim it ALWAYS gives an amazing sleep.  Perfect for spraying on sheets and pillows before bed.  Also great to brighten the modd in your house.  Essential oils of Lavender and bergamot are in the mix of this floral, calming fresh spray.

Glass Bottle, 100ml.  made in london

Why do we sell this in the Snowden Flood studio shop? Bella from Love and Pepper makes all her products in Balham.  Yes.. Bella from Balham.  She only uses the finest organic plant based ingredients and we love the smell of all her cosmetics and beauty products.

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