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  • DO/ Beekeeping by Orren Fox

Snowden Flood

DO/ Beekeeping by Orren Fox


Honey. Drizzled over a slice of fresh bread or straight from the jar is one of life’s great pleasures. And with beehives springing up on urban rooftops, in next door’s back garden – even schemes for adopting bees or renting hives – becoming a honey producer seems… possible. So how easy is it and what’s involved?

In this book Orren Fox, tells his journey of being an 18 year-old-keeping. Fox shares tips and information of how to start a beehive, the tools and equipment you'll need as well how and when to harvest your honey. This book also contain loads of delightful and delicious recipes by chefs and cooks. You'll learn all about honey production and may even be tempted to buy a bee suit after!

Why do we sell this in the Snowden Flood studio shop? The Do Lectures are a series of talks designed with the aim of making positive change by inspiring, teaching, exciting, sharing and motivating.  The Do Book Company came about from a desire to recreate the positive changes from these lectures.  We sell a range of their titles in our studio. They're an independent publisher based in East London. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of what they do and their books are short, punchy, well designed, with information that is easy to act upon.