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  • Edwardian Ebony hand-mirrors
  • Edwardian Ebony hand-mirrors
  • Edwardian Ebony hand-mirrors
  • Edwardian Ebony hand-mirrors

Snowden Flood

Edwardian Ebony hand-mirrors

£14.00 £28.00

Four beautiful hand mirrors, hand-made from ebony around 1880-1910 period, Edwardian.  I can attest that they look very nice in a group as I once collected a large number to hang in my hallway.  Once upon a time every house would have had one of these, together with ebony glove stretchers, a hairbrush and various other dressing table essentials.  They all show signs of use but nothing horrid and they are all perfectly useable.

1. Monogrammed in silver with either an M or a W, I'll let you decide! 29 x 12cms (11 x 5 inches

2. A very pleasing shape this one. It has one small blip under the glass.  24 x 10 cms (9 x 4 inches)

3. A nice round mirror that has sustained a crack to the wood and been mended.  (To me this makes it all the more attractive as it shows it's history and how loved it was) 23 x 13 cms (9 x 5)

4. A long and lovely one, but it has slight scratches to the glass face and like 3, the frame has been lovingly mended. 26 x 10 cms (10 x 4)


  • 1 Monogrammed Mirror
  • 2 Shorter Oval Mirror
  • 3 Round Mirror
  • 4 Long Oval Mirror