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  • 'Museums and Galleries of London' by Abigail Willis

Snowden Flood

'Museums and Galleries of London' by Abigail Willis


London is home to some of the finest museums and galleries in the world. Cultural icons like the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum are rightly on everyone’s must-see list but the capital is equally rich in smaller galleries and specialist museums that can be just as rewarding.

Everyone knows London is the place to see the Crown Jewels, marvel at the Magna Carta and puzzle over the Rosetta Stone, but did you know it’s also where you can find the world’s oldest dress, Winston Churchill’s dentures, and the Laughing Cavalier?  Not to mention the Marquess of Anglesey’s leg, and the mortal remains of Florence Nightingale’s pet tortoise.

There are museums and galleries all over London, from the centre of town to the furthest suburbs and sometimes in the most surprising locations, from historic houses to hospitals, windmills to wartime bunkers, and from palaces to pump houses.Whether you’re a long-time resident or first time visitor, London’s inspirational museums and galleries are a brilliant way of exploring the capital and this newly updated pocket guide provides all the information you’ll need to unlock this city-sized cabinet of curiosities.

322 pp, w112mm x h178
Full colour, over 100 photos, 3 area maps, floorplans

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