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A Q&A with Snowden Flood.....

Who or what is Snowden Flood? I'm a person!  I design gifts, homewares and souvenirs and I work with the best British makers to make my products - so bone china from Stoke on Trent for example.  I'm a bit obsessive about quality to be honest.

What about the other products on this site? I've personally selected everything for sale on this site (and in my Oxo Tower store).  I look for a combination of the following attributes: attention to design, quality of making, UK (or in a few cases European) made product (the more local the better) and not to be found all over the high street.  There's nothing wrong with the high street, it's just I find most stores nowadays a bit samey.  So I'm always looking for things that can't be found all over the place. I only buy things that I really believe in - so from designer-makers that I really want to work with and support, and things that I would be happy to take home or give as a gift myself.

I need something urgently, what should I do? Don't panic!  Call us on 0207 401 8710 or email us at info@snowdenflood.com and we'll do our best. It will depend upon what time of the day it is and what you want but we can usually help. 

Can I put my new products in the dishwasher and microwave? Glasses must be washed by hand always and not put in a microwave.  Snowden Flood ceramics can be put in the dishwasher or microwave but it's always better to handwash if you can be bothered.  Dishwashers will fade almost all ceramics over time I'm afraid to say though it won't happen overnight.

How do you draw your products? Most of my drawings are made from many drawings blodged together.  So my Pier Mug for instance contains elements of Santa Monica, Eastbourne, Southwold and a few more, all mixed up together.  Even with specific London landmark images there is a lot of poetic licence.  People often think they are photos but no, they are not.

I'm starting my own business and I'd like the contact details of the people who make your products I used to give this info out pretty freely, even to strangers.  I'm not a particularly secretive person.  But then two things started to happen.  Firstly the people who make my products started asking me "where the hell did that person come from and why did you refer them to us?!  they are a nightmare!!" and secondly (much more oddly) the people who'd asked for the info would come back to me and complain about the pricing they were getting etc.  I'm not a business advisory service!  When I started my business I spent many hours researching and looking at different factories and negotiating my terms.  The people I use might or might not suit you but either way, it's your journey, not mine so you're going to need to find the people that best suit your way of working.

Feel free to send us other questions.... info@snowdenflood.com