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Museum of Everything

11 January 2011


My young son and I spent a great day at The Musuem of Everything, up in London's Primrose Hill, on Sunday.  

The collection of Peter Blake which is shown in the museum, is wonderful, he collected all sorts of things that appealed to him, from shell souvenirs to puppets.   I collect all sorts of ephemera myself, like packaging, puppets, souvenir plates, lead figurines etc, there was lots in this exhibition to be inspired by.

Also I am just launching a range of products inspired by Funfair signage so really enjoyed lots of the posters and imagery from circuses and funfairs.  I also liked the embroideries by Ted Wilcox.  Here's a couple of them.  These ones of Alice in wonderland reminded me a bit of Henry Darger, lots of frenetic activity.  But the colours are very vivid and the patterns really vibrant too.  I bought the catalogue and keep looking at all the great things in there!


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