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Dominic Wilcox - The Reinvention of Normal, a wonderful film by Liam Saint-Pierre

12 May 2015

You wouldn't neccessarily think it from my work but one of the people I most admire creatively is Dominic Wilcox.  And my son is obsessed with his book 'Variations on Normal'.  I like his ability to possibly fail and to be playful in his approach to his work.  Both these skills are underrated and hard to embrace (for me anyway) but both really important parts of being able to think creatively and in life in general.  I think school is often just about succeeding and fitting in... (neither of which I managed to do).  My son was also very inspired by this great little film which I hope in a small way helps him in his struggles as a new secondary school child (with aspergers and an unusual way of looking at the world). Regardless of whether you are a struggling schoolchild, a creative practitioner or whatever, perhaps this film can inspire you too - to wonder about how could things change in your life if you tried to live in a more risk-averse and playful way? 


THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL from Liam Saint-Pierre on Vimeo.




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