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Pick Me Up - Somerset House 2014

04 May 2014


Still a bit of time to pop to Pick Me Up at Somerset House this year - it's their yearly graphic arts festival - and this years is a good one with lots of workshops and fun things to do for all ages.  

I came home with two prints by Kitty McCall from the Unlimited gallery - a great shop in Brighton - and I was very pleased to meet Sara who runs it with her husband as I'm a fan of their colourful shop.  

Other things I liked were the work by Thibaud Herem - we stock his fantastic book by Nobrow Press of Art Deco London buildings in my studio.  Pictured here, St.Pancras - incredible attention to detail in his draftsmanship.  I'd love to see him begin a drawing and see how he lays it out and proceeds.  It said he takes 150 hours which seems fast considering how much detail he packs in.  

I also liked these little composite cartoony sculptures by Edward Cheverton, some of Alice Tye's paintings which remind me of driving around in the US when I lived there.  Also Isabel Greenbergs work (I'd love to see her book 'The Encyclopaedia of Early Earth')

What I like about Pick me up this year is that it feels like people are having fun with their work and being playful without necessarily thinking about making a quick buck, so there's a good atmosphere in there with some silly fun things.  Lots of bright colours too.  The first collective gallery I walked into was playing a scratchy old Bruce Springsteen album on a portable record player.  The second was playing a scratchy old Neil Young album on another 1970's portable player - so that made me smile to think of things my old (and decidedly uncool) texan dad likes being considered the epitome of cool now.  Anyway definitely check it out if you want a fun day








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