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Don't miss Matisse Cutouts at Tate Modern!

05 September 2014

Matisse cut out inspired windows!


It's the last chance to catch Tate Modern’s Matisse exhibition which closes this weekend. It's truly spectacular, the gargantuan scale and precision of the dancing figures, fish & floral motifs in bold hues are mesmerising.  I visited with my son, and we loved it.  There's a really good film showing an assistant holding a huge piece of paper which Matisse cuts with mammoth scissors, must have been very tricky to anticipate how to twist and turn the paper!  We were so inspired by the show that we decided to spruce up our studio window displays with our own attempts at Matisse style cutouts! Come and see our (rather wobbly) homage to Matisse while you are in the neighbourhood - hopefully after seeing this amazing show yourself!



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