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Perfect chart to decide an issue commonly asked of all creatives - Should I work for free? by Jessica Hische

27 March 2014


Most people that I know who are working creatively NEED one of these amazing letterpress prints on their wall.  Mostly when I work I try to get paid.  That's not unreasonable is it?  It's because I need to feed my kid and pay the mortgage.  So why do so many companies ask me (and every other designer, actor and musician I know) to work for free so often?  I just don't get it.  I mean, when did you last ask a builder, lawyer or accountant to do the work for nothing?  Do you think it's maybe because working creatively looks like play?   My brother is a musician and he certainly has this happen lots too.  Anyway I saw and loved this print because it's a perfect and beautiful looking but succinct solution to a common problem!  Plus it's kind of comforting to remember that it's a common issue and nothing personal (that doesn't make it OK though!)

Buy one here from designer Jessica Hische (I also want every single one of her incredibly beautiful letterpress letters): http://shouldiworkforfree.com/

And spend some time looking at Jessica's site, (and you can chat to her momanager):



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