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Les Sapeurs - A film by Guinness

20 January 2014


There's been a bit of a long silence on my blog due to running around doing Design fairs for Xmas and being very busy in the studio/shop.  An inspiring little film filled with colour and a beautiful spirit booted me into action to write again.  

It's about Les Sapeurs in the Congo, a group of men (Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo) who dress elegantly as a statement and an ethos -  "to defy circumstance and live with joie de vivre".  I wish that people on the streets of our city would live their lives with this aim - and with the amazing sense of style that Les Sapeurs have too.  Given where they live and the recent history of the Congo, they must put considerable effort into their lifestyle.  (I don't have any shares in Guinness I promise - it's just a very good and uplifting film - so good for them!)

You can watch it here....



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