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Punchdrunk at National Theatre - The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable

22 March 2013



I adore everything I've ever seen by Punchdrunk so I'm really excited about their next event that's coming this summer (I dashed to get my tickets this morning).  

There's no photograph that does them justice because their work is completely immersive and experiential.  So instead of sitting down watching people on a stage, you walk amongst the performers (often wearing a mask and cloak so that you - and all the rest of the audience merge into the backgroud).  The action takes place all around you, the actors don't include you generally - it's a bit like watching people sleepwalking.  

One of their pieces I saw a few years ago was in a 5 storey warehouse by the river in which they'd built a diner, a cinema and a perfume store all in 1920/30's style, looking like Edward Hopper paintings.  The styling of their pieces is immaculate, I kept getting choked up and nearly crying because it was so beautiful!  I'm sure you'll fall for them like a ton of bricks - get your tickets quickly!



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