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A good read: Fox 8 by George Saunders

31 January 2015

I'm a big fan of George Saunders - this is a small but great story.  Very sad too. By hanging around underneath a window night after night and listening to a parent tell the children bedtime stories, Fox 8 learns to speak.   

"What I herd was a Story, but a fawlse and even meen one. In that story was a Fox. But guess what the Fox was? Sly! Yes, true lee! He trikked a Chiken! He lerd this plump Chiken away from its henhowse, claming there is some feed in a stump. We do not trik Chikens! We are very open and honest with Chikens! With Chikens, we have a Super Fare Deel, which is: they make the egs, we take the egs, they make more egs. And sometimes may even eat a live Chiken, shud that Chiken consent to be eaten by us, threw faling to run away upon are approche, after she has been looking for feed in a stump.

Not Sly at all.

Very strate forword.


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