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5 great wedding present ideas from the Snowden Flood studio shop (and all UK made too)

12 June 2015

It's wedding season!  Yes I know.. it's tricky to find a gift that both people will love - (anyway nowadays people often have everything they need.) The secret to a great wedding gift is to buy something a bit different that will also feel rather special whenever they use it for years to come.  We have a great selection of items that do exactly that.  Here are our five absolute best-sellers in a handy list.  And with our sets, you can really nicely tailor your purchase to your budget by buying just a couple of items to start their collection and then adding to their set each anniversary.

1. A set of 6 River Dinner or Side plates (or pick just a few - £20 -140)

These are our number one top seller online and in our studio shop for weddings. Prospective newly weds often shove their family and friends in our door with heavy hints.  Couples definitely like to start married life by hosting dinner parties with their new stylish tableware!

London Landmark River dinner plates - Snowden Flood Oxo Studio Shop - Number 1 of our 5 top wedding gifts ideas.  www.snowdenflood.com

2. Boxed set of Yours Mine Glasses £35

A boxed set that I designed for a minimalist couple I know after spending fruitless hours looking around the shops. They love the shape and the platinum printed lettering & use them for wine and water.  They have been a best seller ever since. 

Yours Mine Glasses - Snowden Flood Oxo Studio Shop - Number 2 of our 5 top wedding gifts ideas.  www.snowdenflood.com

 3. A set of 6 River mugs (or pick just a few £12 - 70) 

Hugely popular for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, leaving London, coming to London and 'just done up my home' presents (amongst other things. You can't go wrong with a stylish set of mugs!

London Landmark River mugs - Snowden Flood Oxo Studio Shop - Number 3 of our 5 top wedding gifts ideas.  www.snowdenflood.com

4. A boxed set of 4 Tree Glasses £40

Available in Black or white.  Use them for water, whisky, wine, beers or Ribena, whatever the tipple of choice this remains one of our bestselling items. The white ones look lovely with darker drinks inside, like a rum and coke.  Ideal for toasting the happy couple  

Tree Glasses - Snowden Flood Oxo Studio Shop - Number 4 of our 5 top wedding gifts ideas.  www.snowdenflood.com

5. The Thames Tea Set £30 - £145

For stylish tea parties, with hand painted lids, the Thames meanders around the set from it's source and down to the open sea.  Perfect for anyone who likes rivers, who lives anywhere near the Thames, for rowers, walkers of the Thames path and anyone who has nothing whatsoever to do with the Thames in any way but just appreciates the design. 


Thames Tea set - Snowden Flood Oxo Studio Shop - Number 5 of our 5 top wedding gift ideas.  www.snowdenflood.com

We hope you are feeling inspired, you can also get us to giftwrap everything and add on perfect wedding cards.  And don't forget we stock a great range of UK made gifts by the best designers around, along with a fantastic selection of antique finds.


  • Posted by Selina on October 14, 2017

    Hi there

    My husband and I received the beautiful “2. Boxed set of Yours Mine Glasses” for our wedding 4 years ago. I was very upset to break 1 of the glasses last week when doing the washing up. I would love to either rebuy the “mine” glass, or if not possible, buy the set again. However I cannot see the set in your shop. is there any way I can purchase this glass? Many thanks! Selina

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