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Obsessed with Christmas & decorations - Silent film star Harold Lloyd

18 December 2015

I really love it when it's time for decorating our tree and finding our favourite ornaments again, but I wouldn't say I go over the top like Harold Lloyd for example.

Harold Lloyd, the 1920's & 30's comedian and silent film movie producer was completely obsessed with Xmas!  He collected thousands of ornaments and one year, even bought the whole Christmas display at Saks 5th Avenue!  The idea for a permanent tree came about when his collection grew so big that it took too long to put together and dismantle the tree.  For the permanent tree, he drilled holes in the trunk to add extra branches for extra hanging room for ornaments.

It looks amazing though... like a kind of crazy christmas grotto!

Then, he fire proofed it so it needed no water (and still smelt like pine even in Summertime!)


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