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Great Fire 350, A festival of fire!

03 September 2016

It's the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire Of London this weekend and London is celebrating - lots of it near my shop!

The arts organization Artichoke has commissioned a whole number of spectacles including a Fire Garden in the ground of the Tate Modern.

Most exciting though is an amazing 120 metre long sculpture by 'burn artist' (must investigate this genre!) David Best, of 17th century London built on a couple of barges.  On Sunday 4th at 8.30 pm it will be dragged into the middle of the Thames between Blackfriars and Waterloo bridges and burned, in a dramatic retelling of the story of the Great Fire.

Great Fire 350 Londons Burning - Snowden Flood Oxo Tower Shop!

It's worth mentioning that the piece has been constructed by hundreds of young Londoners aged 16-25 in workshops, placements and training, as an opportunity to gain a CSCS certificate and employment qualifications in the construction and creative industries.

Great Fire 350 Londons Burning - Snowden Flood Oxo Tower Shop!

Read about the various events today and tomorrow HERE

Don't worry if you can't make it you can watch it on TV live....and I promise to take lots of photos!Save


  • Posted by Sandy on November 05, 2016

    It’s a joy to find sooneme who can think like that

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