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Shaun Kardinal - Collages

01 February 2011


I have fallen in love this week - step forward Shaun Kardinal of Seattle, because your collage work using old promotional lithographs are very marvellous.  

Mr Kardinal, of the fair town of Seattle -  is a multi-talented artist and has his fingers in many a pie by the looks of his website.  I like his photos of buildings too, but he must have mellowed over time because they are quite bleak in comparison to these collages which are newer work I think.

Given my great fascination for things vintage and souvenir, plus I like sewing (and don't get me started on bridges) - it's hardly surprising that these pieces appeal to me.  The circles are very neat, controlled and restrained but at the same time there's a kind of chaos there that makes me want to look more closely.  Like there is some cellular or petri-dish growth going on, infecting our memories of these places.   Enough of the waffle, the work speaks for itself.



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