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A good place for a cup of tea and a think - Russell Davies Blog

08 February 2011



I came across a lovely blog the other day, it's by Russell Davies.  I like things that celebrate the everyday, what could be more ordinary and everyday than a cup of tea in a caff?  He's listed a bunch that he loves because of simple things - the posters on the wall, the cups they use, the condiment bottles.  These are the things that comfort the soul, humble things that make your day better, in my world anyway.  He says that as he cannot document all the great cafes of the world, to please add to them and email him a link.  Now there's a challenge. I have a good mind to wander over to Pauloz on brixton hill and take a picture of the bridge made from matchsticks while eating a little custard tart.  Sadly I have some work to do right now.

 I like his eggbaconchipsandbeans posts too.  Have a look....



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