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Sarah Carvell -Welsh Landscape painting

01 March 2011


Today it's St.David's day - patron saint of Wales.  How better to celebrate than to post some pictures of a visit I made at new year to Sarah Carvell's studio in North Wales.  

I like Sarah's work, the colours and the light she uses are quite seductive.  She lives in Denbigh which is surrounded by very picturesque hills and landscape.  Sarah paints using oils applied in broad strokes by a palette knife.  This makes you experience her work in various ways - it's well defined and crisp looking from afar but when you move closer the strokes blur together a bit. So your eyes can't really fix on the images, they shift and change all the time.  I think that's what I like about her work most.  Obviously their work is very different in the way it's painted but that quality reminds me of Gerhard Richter, his blurry paintings.  Well I'm interested in memories, so maybe that's why I focus on those aspects.

Anyway back to Sarah Carvell, have a look on the link below, her work is lovely.

She shows with Martin Tinney gallery in Cardiff. http://www.artwales.com/CARVELL%20Sarah/Sarah%20Carvell.htm


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