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The biggest rabbit in the world - by Gelitin

25 September 2011


Lots of my friends like knitting but sadly I think they mostly stick to items of clothing.  On a hillside in the Piedmont region of Italy lies an enormous pink knitted rabbit.  He's died a sad death - his knitted entrails spill from his side.  Sometimes hill walkers have climbed on top of him and are sleeping or picnicing on his body.  This extraodinary project took 5 years of knitting and was devised and made by Italian artist collective Gelitin.  You can see the 'hare of Artesina' from space via Google Maps!  I wonder if the members of Gelitin were inspired by the film "Night of the Lapus" about massive genetically altered rabbits taking over the world.

So if you are keen on knitting, maybe you'll be inspired to work a bit bigger from now on!



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