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The Snowden Flood Series of Great Days Out (which all blatantly include a visit to our shop itself!)

27 October 2011


If you’ve got a day off why not then head over to the BFI/NFT to purchase some matinee tickets for a movie?  Musical classic An American in Paris is on there from October 28th to Nov 20th and there are lots of afternoon screenings scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays. Hoorah! 

Then grab a coffee at Benugo and maybe a pop into the BFI shop (where our last purchase was the epic 1900 – De Niro and Depardieu in a Bertolucci must).

Exit the building and head along the river westwards to The Royal Festival Hall to see the free exhibit there.  Who couldn’t be inspired by – Art by Offenders.  Incredibly moving and this year curated by magistrates and, lets say it one more time, free!

With a quick check of your watch in case you’ve been dithering, you should have time for a little (and possibly romantic, depending on who you’re with) walk back along the river eastwards to marvel at the architecture of the South Bank – The Festival Hall, The Hayward Gallery, The National Theatre and finally the Oxo Tower where snuggled ( we have the heaters on already) at the end of the first floor shops we will be waiting to say hello and have a quick chat (which may be what you want if you need a bit of ice-breaking on what may or not be a first date). 

To make your visit even more special -  on production of BFI matinee tickets during the musicals season we will be delighted to offer you a discount of 10% on any purchases AND if you are on a special date give us "the nod" and we can make an extra, extra special fuss of you to impress your intended. 

Now, laden with bags filled with wonderful things from our store,  make your way back to the BFI and depending on your film times either have a meal before or after your movie at the excellent riverside restaurant there conveniently named The Riverfront.

You may now feel inclined to have a few Gene Kelly style swings around some lampposts before you tippity tap your way home. 

Enjoy your great day out!

BFI/NFT:    http://tinyurl.com/6dawa7y 

A bit of info about 1900:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074084/ 

And a link that tells you about the Art by Offenders exhibition: http://tinyurl.com/3mabuq5 


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