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Wellcome Collection - Mexican Miracle Painting

28 February 2012


After Xmas my mum and I went to visit the Wellcome Collection in London.  It's a great place to visit of an afternoon, their shows are free, they have a brilliant bookshop and a Peyton & Byrne cafe which is tasty.  

We saw a lovely show called Infinitas Gracias, Mexican Miracle Paintings.  These were little paintings on tin roof tiles or plaques, painted in thanks to saints who have answered prayers.  They are quite small and depict dramas of everyday life such as illness, lost livestock, accidents, bereavements and lightning strikes. Very simply painted and often with quite naive perspective. Sorry these pictures aren't great as I put them on my phone, they show the recovery of lost goats, falling from a ladder and surviving, getting over an incurable illness and surviving a bull running amok!



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